Popular Causes

Givz campaigns create opportunity to experiment with your community and deliver touch points that you otherwise may not attempt.

Our technology provides seamless access to more than 1.6 million charitable organizations and allows you to connect and align with quality charities across a full scope of causes your customers care about.


Civil liberties

Animal shelters
Climate change
Child hunger
Medical research

Givz calendar

Just as customers vary wildly, so do their preferences to charity types and causes. Your partnership with Givz offers you opportunity to learn. Experiment with social holidays to drive fresh content for your community, earn goodwill, drive sales and grow your social footprint (which we track for you!).

Below is a list of social holidays and causes for 2020 that lend favorably to Givz campaigns. We recommend experimenting with monthly themes for month long campaigns and single day celebrations 1-4x / month.

June 2020

6.1 – 6.30 | Alzheimer’s Brain & Awareness Month #ENDALZ

6.1 – 6.30 | LGBTQ Pride Month #Pride2020

6.1 – 6.30 | Men’s Health Month #MensHealthMonth #ShowUsYourBlue

6.5 | Friday, World Environment Day #WorldEnvironmentDay

6.6 | Saturday, National Cancer Survivor’s Day #NCSD2020

6.7 | Sunday, World Oceans Day #WorldOceansDay

6.8 | Monday, Best Friends Day #BestFriendsDay

6.14 | Sunday, World Blood Donor Day #GiveBlood

6.20 | Saturday, World Refugee Day #WithRefugees

6.21 | Monday, World Music Day #WorldMusicDay

6.21 | Monday, Father’s Day #FathersDay

6.27 | Saturday, National HIV Testing Day #HIVTestingDay